The memory of your perfect day will stay with you for the rest of your life. To truly represent this unforgettable day, we shoot all our films in HIGH DEFINITION or in the highest quality 4k - so you will enjoy it as much today as you will on your diamond anniversary (and every year in between).

Recent advances in technology have now made it possible to not only provide a wedding video, but a truly cinematic expierience at an affordable price. Smaller Cameras, Compact Lenses, Higher Frame Rates, Drones and Stabilisation Equipment have all made it possible to capture spectacular footage previously only seen in the world of cinema.


We can't give you a standard price as no two weddings are ever the same but instead we have given you a set of options below to taylor your requirments and help supply you with an acurate quotation for the day.

Remember the price you are paying is not just for your wedding day but also for the 7-14 days it will take to edit and create your cinamatic video.

We film your wedding in the most natural, discreet way possible. No posing, no talking to camera, no diva antics, just candid cinamatic modern coverage with none of the faff. Perfect for the camera shy as you are free, and we encourage you to totally ignore us all day. Just leave it to us.

However should you require your actual wedding service or wedding speeches filmed with sound, we can also provide this as an extra option.

Filming at Brides Location
Filming at Grooms Location
Wedding Ceromony
Wedding Receptionn
First Dance
We would like our wedding filmed in 4K
If possible we would like to includel drone footage
We would like our wedding service recording with sound
We would like our wedding speeches recording with sound

It’s really easy to forget your big day. You spend so long planning your wedding, but the day flies past so quickly. A cinamatic wedding video gives you a chance to relive your wedding from your guests point of few and catch up on all the small things you might have missed.



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